We at Dalseter belive that a relaxed and warm atmosphere - with no hassle and stress - are what one need in todays busy world. The hotel was designed in 1964 by the architect Øivind Lande, the grandfather of todays host. Since then, the hotel has changed with the times - but still kept is friendly and warm atmosphere.  

Above all do we want to be a place where you can relax and enjoy the nature in Espedalen alone or together with family and friends.  A place where you can spend days out in the mountains hiking or skiing, and the afternoons in the lounges talking to others, reading a good book, playing games or just relax and look at the view.  Eat nice food and sleep well in comfortable beds. Lower your shoulders and just be.

If you are looking for a very modern and fancy hotel - then Dalseter is probably not your kind of hotel. But - if you are looking for a personal hotel where every guest are seen and appreciated - a place where you can lower your shoulders and just be you - then Dalseter will be the right place for you.

For some Dalseter are a little old fashioned, for some we are a little retro, for others we are very homely, and for a large number of people we have become their regular holiday "home" through many, many years - and generations.

Foto: Bjørn Gillebo


At the first floor lies the reception, fireplace lounge and several parlours for common use. 

Large playroom for the children inside the hotel.

Close to the reception we also have the hotel’s small kiosk that sells postcards, stamps, chocolate, drinks, souvenirs, ski wax etc.  

On the ground floor you will find the dining room.

The swimming pool is situated in the south end of the complex, with access through first floor and down a staircase.
In the same area you also find two small saunas and a room for table tennis.

We have a bar with all rights and dancing on certain occasions.

From winter 2009 there are only smoke free rooms.


We have 87 rooms in total in the hotel, all with shower, WC, TV and phone. 
The rooms keep a plain but good standard. The rooms are divided on four floors. 

There are both double and single rooms of different sizes on both sides of the hotel. The most popular rooms are the ones that face the south, which all have a view of the valley and the Jotunheimen mountains.

All rooms have their own bathroom. Most of them have a shower, but some facing the south have a bathtub.
Totally in the hotel there are 62 double rooms and 25 single rooms.

Some rooms are allowed for dogs.

Most rooms have carpeted floors, but there are some double and single rooms without carpets.

3 of the double rooms are fitted for wheelchair users. All 3 faces south.

We have two set of connection-rooms, that is two double-rooms with a door between them.


We have two apartments inside the hotel, which are rented on a weekly basis in the winter season and for shorter or longer terms in the summertime.
These are rented as self contained suites.

Bedding and towels, and children’s beds can be rented at the hotel. Order in advance. One is welcome to order meals at the hotel and eat in the hotels dining hall.
For the prices of this – see price list. NB! There are discounts if meals are booked in advance.

Those who rent apartments can freely use the hotels other facilities, such as swimming pool, steam rooms, ski stable, etc

The Peer Gynt Apartment

The Aasly Apartment