A Summer holiday in the Norwegian mountains– can there be anything better?

Espedalen has beautiful hiking areas from the waters at the base of the valley through the woods and into the high country. The highest point is Ruten, 1517 meters above sea level, where you get a marvelous view of the mountains in both Jotunheimen and Rondane National Parks.

The hotel have some terrain bikes, canoes and row boats for rent – and for those who might have forgotten the fishing rod at home, we have some of those too!
Fishing license may be purchased at the hotel.

We also offer some guided activities in the summer. Hiking in the mountains, bicycle rides through the forest and canoeing on the lake Breidsjøen. Contact us for more information on this.

A nature discovery trail for all of the family, approx. 2 ½ km long, starts right by the hotel.

From appr. 20th of June to the first days of July, the whole hotel normally is busy with the annual “Summer-ski-school” held by Eiluro Sommerskiskole. In 2019 it is the 32nd year in a row for "Sommerskiskolen at Dalseter". 

Hiking here is like hiking in the Lake District - with out the crowds-
— UK guest
Foto: Ian Brodie

Foto: Ian Brodie


Dalseter is situated in Espedalen at 930 meters above sea level, right below the tree limit, and is an excellent starting point for scenic hikes both summer and winter.

The terrain is friendly and perfect for those who like to wander in the mountains without facing the most extreme challenges.

The network of trails in Espedalen is varied and goes through both forest and easy mountain terrain up to 1517 meters above sea level at the most.

The length of the hikes varies from short trips of a few kilometres to all-day trips that require 5-7 hours.

Foto: Ian Brodie

Foto: Ian Brodie


Dalseter have offered horseback riding in the summertime since 1950.

From early July to mid August, Morten and Siri from Åsli riding center, bring all their horses to Dalseter, and offer riding lessons in the arena, as well as half-day trail rides on Icelandic and fjord horses.

There are  horses for both experienced and beginners. Sign up in the reception at Dalseter.

In the winter season there are no activities with horses, but you are of course welcome to say "hi" to ones that are here :)

Normally we have 3-4 horses of our own in the stable all year around –some Norwegian Fjordhorses and some Icelanders.

Foto: Ian Brodie

Foto: Ian Brodie


Next to lake Breidsjøen, approx. 1 km downhill from the hotel, lies Dalseters little boat house.

Here we have canoes and a few rowboats. The rental is managed at the hotel, and one will receive lifejackets, oars and oar holders when renting.

There are 7 canoes, perfect for up to two adults and one child in each.

We have two small Pioneer rowboats for 2-3 adults, and one larger rowboat for up to five adults.

In addition Ruten Mountain Lodge has some kayaks for those who’d like to rent that. Contact Ruten directly for an agreement regarding this.

At the lake. Photo: Ian Brodie

Photo in heading: Ian Brodie