Dalseter is one of the oldest settlements in Espedalen, and we have received travellers since the end of the 18th century. It was a natural stop for people travelling towards the mountains of Jotunheimen, and next to farming, hunting and fishing, tourism became a good extra income for the farm. At the end of the 18th century and the start of the 19th it was Jehans and Hannah Dalen who owned and ran the farm there. In 1939 the architect Øivind Lande bought the place, which has remained in the family ever since.



Was built in 1950 with rooms for 60 guests. In 1957 the mountain lodge was expanded with 30 beds so that it accommodated 90 guests.
In January 1963 Dalseter burnt to the ground, but no people were hurt.
Everything inside was destroyed, and along with it a large collection of paintings by well-known Lillehammer artists. 


Built on the same site and opened the summer of 1964 with 120 beds. 
Today Dalseter has 150 beds divided amongst 88 rooms. All rooms have a shower, WC, TV and phone.
We have several cosy lounges and a hall with fireplace. Elevator is located centrally in the building. 
Spacious swimming pool with saunas.
Large playroom for the children inside the hotel.

Our old outbuilding with loft, dairy barn and stalls was replaced by a new building in 1979. A house with 2 apartments, garage/workshop was built on the site where the old outbuilding stood. An old log house that shares a wall with the new workshop from the farm was allowed to remain standing with the addition of a new bell tower.

Dalseter around year 1910

Dalseter around year 1952

Dalseter around year 1964-65

Dalseter today