In the Gudbrandsdalen valley, one hour north of Lillehammer, Henrik Ibsen’s drama "Peer Gynt" is celebrated in one of Norway’s largest cultural festivals. Norwegian drama, music and nature comes together in the middle of Peer Gynt’s kingdom.

The festival is a celebration of Ibsen’s "Peer Gynt" and the historical person Per Gynt, who lived in the Gudbrandsdalen valley in the 17th century. The tales about Per have been told through generations, and these, together with the nature and culture in the valley, is what inspired Henrik Ibsen to write the dramatic poem.

The festival will give its guests a good insight into the Norwegian spirit; through nature, culture and traditions.

The festival takes place within the first 2 weeks of august every year.


The theatre production of Peer Gynt at Gålå has gathered some of the best professional actors and musicians in Norway since 1989. Together with almost 80 willing volunteers, this stage play has become one of the most popular theatre productions in Norway.

Although the play is performed in Norwegian, the production is well suited for an international audience, with English and German introductions, summary booklets and audio guides.

Dalseter offers tickets to the Peer Gynt play and accommodation during the Peer Gynt festival every year.

Put this on your bucket list.
— Ian Brodie, photographer/writer

Foto: Bård Gundersen

Foto: Bård Gundersen

Foto: Bård Gundersen

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