Rv255 til Dalseter gjennom Espedalen  


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Getting to Dalseter:

Dalseter ligger i Espedalen, nordvest for Lillehammer.
Dalseter Mountain Hotel is situated at 930 m.a.sl in the north end of the valley Espedalen - along Rv255 (Bjørnsonsvegen).
Rv255 is the road between Lillehammer and Skåbu. If you are driving on the E6 from north, you turn at Vinstra - in the direction to Skåbu. If you are driving on the E6 from the south you turn at Lillehammer towards Gausdal and Skei.
Stay on Rv255 all the way - and you will find us!

In the summertime you also might travel on the mountainroad Jotunheimvegen from Beitostølen to Skåbu, or the Peer Gynt Road from Skeikampen.

Nearest trainstation: Vinstra (36 km) and Lillehammer (78 km)

Nearest airport: Oslo Gardemoen (220 km)

Overview map of Espedalen you can see here..>

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